Creating the Right Habitat for Your Employees

At the end of the day, people really are just animals. We eat, we sleep and we get hungry or tired if we don’t. No matter how hard we try to distance ourselves from our furry, four-legged friends, we have the same needs as the animals do, albeit with a uniquely human twist. Like animals, we need the right diet to stay healthy and functional. People who eat poorly are generally rather unhappy, unfulfilled and unhealthy, as are those who aren’t getting enough rest.

Similarly, every animal has its habitat. Sloths, monkeys and other arboreal creatures live in trees while ants and badgers make their homes underground. Fish suffocate and die if they’re removed from the water. People need the right habitat, like the right diet, to maintain proper health and function. If you’re a business owner, manager or operator, your employees need to be in an environment conducive to productivity and success. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself in a working environment surrounded by fish out of water.

The Office

For modern businesses, the centre of operations is the office. Even businesses that operate in the field like construction and trades use office space these days to accommodate the various administrative roles generated by the natural expansion of any business, no matter how small. With the rapid growth of the Internet from obscure military technology to a near-ubiquitous communication tool, an increasing number of jobs are moving behind a desk and, what’s more, new jobs in the online sector are popping up every day. Office space is the beating heart of a business and should be treated with the appropriate importance.

To maximise the happiness and productivity of your employees, your office space needs to be attractive and easily navigable. You need a spacious office with lots of natural light to avoid eye fatigue and interrupting the sleeping patterns of your employees, in addition to a reliable internet connection and a friendly, professional building reception team.

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While it is theoretically possible for you to set up such a space yourself, it is a costly, risky endeavour that has the potential to backfire and actually end up damaging your business. Like anything else in the business world, if you can put this task in the hands of a professional, you should.

There are numerous services throughout the UK that can offer you a great office space for a reasonable price, such as Business Environment, which operates throughout London and southern England. Serviced offices are those that are taken care of by a separate business from the one using the space. Serviced offices, on average, can actually be up to sixty per cent cheaper than managing your office space yourself.

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It seems counterintuitive that hiring someone else to service your office space would cost less than simply doing it yourself. Consider, however, all the associated expenses of managing a great office for your employees. You want a spacious office with plenty of natural light to keep your employees awake and alert. You need the best technology and connectivity for your business so that any online enquiries can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

The morale of your employees benefits greatly from the provision of snacks – for example, on Fridays, when they are tired from a long working week – and this is all on top of the cost of renting the space itself.

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Serviced Office Space

The best serviced office spaces are those that cater to all the requirements listed above and more. Ideally, your serviced office provider will own the building in which your office is enclosed, and be responsible for fitting the latest, best technology and electricity for your space. They will give you access to your office at all hours with reception service 24/7. The reception service team should greet guests to your business and cater to your needs in addition to answering your calls using your company name. All of the additional services – including telecoms, wiring and IT services – should be included in your licence fee, meaning you won’t have extra payments on your office space to worry about, leaving you to concentrate on the task at hand: making the best of your business.

The other benefit of serviced office space, when the space is owned by the company servicing your office, is the provision of non-office facilities. Think of the serviced office space like a hotel where you work: good hotels don’t just have beds, but have pools, gymnasiums and kitchens in the building complex as well. Similarly, a great serviced office building includes a gym, toilet and shower facilities and a fully stocked kitchen, all of which you and your employees will have open access to. Having these facilities will not only keep your employees happy but maintain your bottom line and encourage them to give one hundred percent to your business.

Serviced Office Space

In fact, serviced office companies are so confident in their ability to boost your business that they offer the opportunity to expand your leased space, whether this means more square footage or more workstations.

If you’re looking to use a serviced office space, it’s best to evaluate your options. First of all, look at the business’ success and the satisfaction of their employees. Do they provide a positive, productive working environment? If not, they can’t be trusted to do the same for your business. On the other hand, BCA accreditation and awards signal a place that will do their utmost to cater to your business needs. BCA, the Business Centre Association, is a trade body that represents consumers, operators and suppliers in the serviced office industry.

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Similarly, the serviced office industry seeks to award excellence, and you ought to ensure that the company you are working with has had their service formally recognised. Of particular importance are customer experience awards and accreditations, which indicate how businesses like yours have been treated in their transactions with the serviced office, and employee satisfaction ratings, which provide a benchmark of the company’s ability to do for their own employees what you want them to do for yours.