How to Make Business Insurance Claim after a Disaster

Your business may get interrupted due to sudden disasters like occurrence of fire, flood or hurricane or due to any other unfortunate reasons. In all such incidents, it is necessary that you file an insurance claim and request your Insurance Company to send their representative to inspect and assess the damages.

After you have filed your claim, your insurer will ask you to do necessary paperwork as per their format, which you need to do so that they can send their loss assessor or surveyor to visit the damaged site and have a detailed meeting with you. These surveyors are usually expert of the relevant industries that have the required knowledge about particular business. Therefore, they can help you to properly carry out the process of claim. Surveyor will also review your insurance policy and based on the terms of your policy he will ask you to submit your estimates for repairing the damages etc. If you want to understand the role of surveyor in more detail then you may visit the website

Insurance Claim

Following are six important steps that you need to take in order to start your claim process.

  • Contact immediately after the disaster taken place in your business premises and let the insurance company know where they can meet you after the disaster. You must also let your insurer know about your policy number, present contact number, location of the site where damage taken place. You must also request the surveyor to visit the damaged site if it is safe.
  • In order to keep the damaged site safe, take temporary arrangement and repair the damaged property, so that it is safe to visit and no further damage may take place. Make sure that windows, doors and roof are secured.
  • Collect all the business records in order to prove the value of the items, which are damaged due to disaster. You also need to prove the amount of income that you are going to lose due to this disaster. Therefore you must be ready with all your financial statements and other necessary records, which can show your projected income.

Insurance Claim

  • If you have made any expenses in order to repair and protect the damaged site then you must maintain all the records. In case you have made any expenses in order to shift your business in another location then the same must also be recorded and maintained. If your car or any vehicle has got damaged due to which your business is getting affected then same may also be included.
  • Take proper photographs of the damages and the debris. You must remove the debris only after taking written permission from your insurer’s representative.
  • Keep all the records of correspondence with the insurer, photographs, minutes of meeting, repaired bills in organized manner till your claim is finalized.