Renters’ Guide to Terrific Move-In Inspection

An individual who recently bagged a job in another city, let’s say, Hyderabad has to arrange a place to reside. Similarly, a student who recently took an admission in, let’s say, Pune has to look for a PG or a sharing room for rent in Mumbai. In both the cases, there is a haste to finalize everything quickly so as to join the workplace or classes on time. However, in this alacrity, move-in inspection is never given a thought. But it holds a paramount importance before finalizing any place on rent. Here is an informative guide to an excellent move-in inspection.

  1. Interior Items

When it comes to the interior of the rented property, look for cracked plaster, broken fixtures, dirty carpets, damaged light bulbs and tubes, and see whether or not the fan, air conditioner and heater are working.

  1. Bathroom Inspection

There are many renters who are more interested in knowing what their balconies have to show or how much spacious their wardrobes are. They just catch a peek of the bathroom, notice the size and sign on the dotted lines. However, it is recommended to check the taps, wash basin, shower, flush, faucets and other assets installed in the bathroom.

  1. A Stringent Bedroom Check

Don’t sign on the rental agreement just because the flat for rent in Pune is closer to your educational institution or apartment in Hyderabad is near to your office. Inspect it thoroughly and above all meticulously check the bedroom. You don’t want mould or mildew, broken shelves in the closet, jammed door, etc. to welcome you after a long and exhausting day at work or college.

  1. Safety aspects

Safety is of utmost importance and any kind of leniency with it is not acceptable. Check the doors and its locks along with the locks of the window panes. Check whether the smoke detectors and the CCTV are working properly. All these are the safety parameters, thus, have a huge significance. The proper functioning of doors and locks is required to maintain safety and avoid incidences of robbery when you are out for work or study. In the event, the doors and windows lack the proper locking system, ask your landlord to arrange for the necessary repairs.

  1. Maintenance issues

The rented flat will incur normal wear and tear in the course of being used for the purpose of living. Thus, there should be a clear pact between the tenant and the landlord with regard to the handling of such issues. It should not be a case that the tenant does not know what to do in case a tube light or toilet flush stops working. Also, the tenant should file in the move-in inspection report, about the things which were already broken before he/she moved in to avoid the brunt of its maintenance costs.

The above-mentioned tips can help in pulling off the move-in inspection meticulously without spoiling your relationship with the landlord.