Why Buying a Townhouse in Thailand Trumps Buying a Single Home

Recent changes in Thai law have allowed non-residents to explore the Thailand real estate market more than ever before. While condos remain the most popular property purchase in Thailand for both foreigners and residents, another type of housing which is in demand is the townhouse.

What Is a Townhouse?

Also known as a “row house,” a townhouse is a tall and narrow home which has two or more floors. Townhouses are often built side by side and share walls with other townhouses.

Buying a Single Home

A townhouse typically has a lot more space than a condominium, has patio space, and many will also have a patch of grass or a small backyard attached to the home. Many townhouses are part of a homeowner’s association in Thailand, meaning that the townhouse owner will need to pay dues and comply with the regulations set out by the association.

Why Should I Buy A Townhouse?

There are a number of key benefits that come with living in a townhouse, starting with:

Buy A Townhouse1

  • Less Maintenance Is Required By You

The dues which we mentioned in the previous segment all go towards maintaining your home and your property. This means that when your townhouse needs to be repainted or re-shingled, these tasks will be taken care of for you by the homeowner’s association. If the grass needs to be cut and the hedges trimmed, they will take care of that for you as well. There is significantly less maintenance required on your part.

Less Maintenance

  • A Safer Community

Those who are looking at Thai townhouses for sale and who have families will appreciate the community which is instantly built up around them. Everyone living in the development will have a common interest in maintaining the property and ensuring that the community remains safe and healthy for everyone. Regular meetings to discuss how to improve or maintain the development will also give residents the opportunity to meet and make friends with their neighbors.

Safer Community

Older individuals may also appreciate living in a townhouse because of how tight-knit the community is. For example, if you are a senior who has a medical issue, the neighbors will either be able to hear you call out for help or they will notice if you do not go out for you regular 9 am stroll around the complex.

  • Nice Amenities Available For Use

A lot of townhouse developments in Thailand have additional amenities for residents and their guests to take advantage of, such as swimming pools, spa tubs, fitness centers, tennis courts, meeting rooms and conference space. These are all maintained by the homeowner’s association which oversees the development.

Amenities Available For Use

  • Less Expensive Than a Detached Single Home

A free-standing detached home offers greater privacy and more space than most townhouses in Thailand, but they also come at a greater cost. Depending on where in Thailand you are looking at a townhouse, the townhouse may be anywhere to one-thirdto one-half the cost of a single detached home.